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Sunday, January 14, 2007

lonely at night

know what?
there are really moments in a man's life that he feels empty deep down inside..there are things in life we can't seem to understand..you know what?
the best thing you should do first is to ask God's guidance so that you
will really know what you are supposed to do in every minute of your life...learn to prioritize things but enjoy life as well...remember that every moment in our life should be lived to the fullest...the next thing i think you should do is to clear up your mind..don't worry too much about things..just believe and pray but at the same time do all those good things in life which makes you happy....my friends said...
if you have a close friend whom you can talk to,then open up
to him or her..or if not talk to a family member you are comfortable with..you know very well that in thhis world we really need someone in our lives to open
up with,right? but if you are the kind of person who is not comfortable to open up with others then why not talk to God in your moments of silence? you know what? God is always there for us...even though sometimes you feel that He is too far away,
He is just beside you waiting for you to call Him..remember that He is
the reason why we are here..i have experiences in the past before just like yours and i have proven that God is really a very wonderful Father..why not try it?
if you know god better you won't have to worry about things in your life
anymore because you just believe and pray...take care and God bless....