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Thursday, January 18, 2007

Yasin...and Me

Its full moon now, I can see its written a whole of my life story there. I see the dark night in my 17th day in New Year, shining with one or two stars above. The peacefulness, how quiet I can only hear my thoughts murmurs under realities I have been through. It bites.

How I hurt people when I didn't mean that. Karma always followed after. How the people I loved walk away from me, and how a trust so strong just vanished as if it never meant to be. Beautiful tales, ugly chronicles, sorrow, pain and cold happiness jump in my life one right after the other.
Count your blessings instead of sheeps that's what people said to me. Yes, I do admire how life gave me wondrous coincidences that always happen and I believe it was something destined to be. The state of emergency is where I want to be.
.......friends with their laughter and enemies with their lies that make me realize how life is just one package of drama, reality, a bold and strong feeling called truth. Just how people manage to make it as attractive or hideous as they want it to be.
....Oughhhh i still can't forget him, my friend Yasin...his smile always appear in my eyes. How could i accept this things? 1st january, i sent him a message to say "hai, how are you. Happy new year i hope all the joy,succes and happiness for your life.." then 2 hours later, his number on my phone replyed me," djaya, it is wisty,(yasin's girlfriend). Yasin got a accident last evening (31 december 2006), and he died in the road. please forgive him if he did any mistake....."

Life is too short. ...
where is he right now? can he forgive my fault that i have done? the tears are not enough to describe how i lost him. our memories in life: we eat together, we watching movie together, we share, we laugh..." could i repeat all of these?

Its full moon now, I can see its written a whole of our life story there...

Friend, we won't forget you....

Sunday, January 14, 2007

lonely at night

know what?
there are really moments in a man's life that he feels empty deep down inside..there are things in life we can't seem to understand..you know what?
the best thing you should do first is to ask God's guidance so that you
will really know what you are supposed to do in every minute of your life...learn to prioritize things but enjoy life as well...remember that every moment in our life should be lived to the fullest...the next thing i think you should do is to clear up your mind..don't worry too much about things..just believe and pray but at the same time do all those good things in life which makes you happy....my friends said...
if you have a close friend whom you can talk to,then open up
to him or her..or if not talk to a family member you are comfortable with..you know very well that in thhis world we really need someone in our lives to open
up with,right? but if you are the kind of person who is not comfortable to open up with others then why not talk to God in your moments of silence? you know what? God is always there for us...even though sometimes you feel that He is too far away,
He is just beside you waiting for you to call Him..remember that He is
the reason why we are here..i have experiences in the past before just like yours and i have proven that God is really a very wonderful Father..why not try it?
if you know god better you won't have to worry about things in your life
anymore because you just believe and pray...take care and God bless....